Frans Post

Frans Hals
1580 – 1666

Frans Post

Painted circa 1663

Oil on panel: 10 15/16 x 9 3/16 inches, 27.3 x 22.9 cm



  • with The Weiss Gallery, 1995, sold to
  • The Worcester Art Museum, U.S.A.

This jewel-like painting by Hals, one of the greatest of all Dutch 17th century artists, is a rare example of a “friendship” portrait. The sitter, Hals’ close friend, Frans Post, was one of the first trained European landscape artists to paint in the New World. In 1636, he went to Brazil, then a Dutch colony, to record various aspects of Brazilian life, including landscape, fauna and flora. He returned to the Netherlands eight years later and spent the rest of his career producing imaginary Brazilian landscapes. The portrait has an immediacy and brilliance that brings the sitter to life in a remarkably informal manner. Painted towards the end of Hals’ life, it is a demonstration of the virtuosity that the artist achieved, equalled only in the portraits of Rembrandt.

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