"Notable Sales","Artemisia Gentileschi ","Saint Catherine of Alexandria"

"Notable Sales","Sir Anthony van Dyck","A fragment of Jupiter as a Satyr, from a version of Jupiter and Antiope"

"Notable Sales","English School","The Ditchley Henry VIII"

Lucas Cranach The Younger

1515 – 1586


"Notable Sales","Lucas Cranach The Younger","Lucretia"

"Notable Sales","Hans Holbein The Younger","The Lumley portrait of King Edward VI, as Prince of Wales"

"16th Century","English","Noble","Elizabethan","Sir William Segar","Elizabeth “Bess” Throckmorton, Lady Raleigh (1565 – c.1647) "

"17th Century","Dutch","Child","Dirck Dircksz. Santvoort","An Unknown Young Girl with a Sheep "


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