The Weiss Gallery to bring Eight Paintings by Frans Pourbus the Younger to TEFAF 2015

The Weiss Gallery is proud to announce it will be exhibiting a remarkable collection of eight portraits by Frans Pourbus the Younger (1569 - 1622) at this year’s TEFAF Maastricht (13th to 22nd March). Outside the Medici collection in the Uffizi and Pitti Palace, this will be the largest group of works by Pourbus ever assembled, and is a tribute to Mark Weiss’s dedication to the artist.

Our exhibition, ‘From Merchants to Monarchs’, for which a dedicated catalogue is also available, showcases Pourbus’s extraordinary talent and artistic development, with works from the very first years of his career in the early 1590s as painter of the merchant class, through the first two decades of the 17th century as portraitist of choice for the royal and ducal families of the Hapsburgs, Gonzagas, Medici and Bourbons.

One of the highlights is the magnificent Man aged fifty-six, widely regarded as a masterpiece, it has been in the same private collection for over fifty years and has only recently come back onto the market. 

Included in the slideshow below are some of the other highlights of our exhibition. For further information, please follow this link: 'Frans Pourbus the Younger'

An Unknown Man, aged fifty-six, 1591
An Unknown Man, aged fifty-six, 1591
  • An Unknown Man, aged fifty-six, 1591
  • Willem van Vyve, 1591
  • Marie de Huelstre, 1591
  • Elisabeth of France (1602 – 1644), later Isabelle, Queen of Spain, painted circa 1610-12
  • Louis XIII, King of France (1601 - 1643), painted circa 1620