Supporting the National Portrait Gallery: 'Elizabeth I & Her People'

The Weiss Gallery is proud to be supporting the National Portrait Gallery's forthcoming exhibition on 'Elizabeth I & Her People', which will explore for the first time the achievements of the Elizabethan period through portraits of the queen, the nobility and the rising middle classes.

Dr Tarnya Cooper comments 'We might all think we know what the Elizabethan period looked like. The remarkable portraits of Elizabeth I as a static bejewelled queen and her courtiers in their finery are familiar from history books. This exhibition, provides an alternative narrative and allows us to come face to face with a cast of other Elizabethans including butchers, soldiers, businessment and women as well as writers and artists. Their lives and achievements tell us something about the nature of Elizabethan society and rise in social mobility. The exhibition therefore explores questions about status and identity, and asks whether the Elizabethan period might be understood as an early meritocracy.'