"Notable Sales","Frans Pourbus the Younger","An Unknown Man, aged 56"

"Notable Sales","Sir Anthony van Dyck","An Antwerp Merchant, N(iklaas) Gansacher [?]"

"17th Century","Royal","British","Constantino de’ Servi","Henry Fredrick Stuart, Prince of Wales (1594 – 1612)"

"18th Century","Military","George Knapton","Major, later Lieutenant Colonel John Caulfield (d.1752), Commander-in-chief of the Island of Roatan"

"18th Century","Merchant","Andrea Soldi","An Unknown Gentleman in Levantine Dress"

"17th Century","English","Noble","William Larkin","An Unknown Noblewoman"

"17th Century","French","Royal","Frans Pourbus the Younger","An Unknown Bourbon Princess "

Frieze Masters 2016

Thursday, 6 October, 2016 to Sunday, 9 October, 2016

Following two successful years exhibiting at Frieze Masters, The Weiss Gallery - leading dealer in Tudor, Stuart and North European Old Master portraiture - is delighted to return to the fair this year, from 6 - 9 October 2016 - a week earlier than usual. The gallery will be exhibiting several exciting new acquisitions and discoveries, including exquisite examples of early English portraiture depicting historical court figures.

"17th Century","Jacobean","Lady","Robert Peake","An unknown noblewoman, possibly Mary Beaumont, Countess of Buckingham (c.1570 - 1632)"


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